kathyramsperger's Journal

1 January 1960
I’m a writer and humanitarian specializing in international affairs. I began my career as a journalist on the local paper’s news desk. I then worked at the National Geographic Society, where I saw through the world--through the photos I wrote about. With the American and then the International Red Cross, I saw the world up close and personal . . . sometimes a bit too up close and personal. Yes, I took the occasional safari outside an African city, but I also saw children’s heads whacked open by machetes, had to make instantaneous decisions about whom to trust in some less than trustworthy governments to get the word out about famine, and faced the usual challenges of being a woman not minding her own business in a developing country. My writing today is eclectic, trying to merge my love of literature , humanity, and the world I live in. I write both fiction and non-fiction and am the recipient of the Hollins University Fiction Award for my first novel Moments on the Edge. I'm working on my second novel Incongruent. I'm a published poet and have had articles appear in National Geographic publications and Kiplinger publications. I also write branding materials for international non-profits. I live in the suburban D.C. area with my spouse, son and daughter.